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Hadjar Seti Adji
Hadjar Seti Adji

Head of Jakarta PT. PP PERSERO
Ir. Hadjar Seti Adji, MEngSc.

“COLANTOTTE keeps me Fit and Active to endure my Hard-Energy consuming activities!”

Hadjar Seti Adji Hadjar Seti Adji


Both reputable and successful in his career building public facilities and housing, Mr. Hadjar Seti Adji has became part of the Indonesian Colantotte Fans and has shared to people around him how Colantotte has made him a better player in Golf and helped his Active Life.

Hadjar Seti Adji , is the Branch Manager of the Jakarta Region for one of the biggest construction companies in Indonesia, PT. PP (Persero) Tbk. This company is one of the most reputable construction companies in the country having built some of the most outstanding buildings in Indonesia.

He is well known as a national speaker including the International Speaker for Green Building and Green Construction topics within Indonesia and also the South East Asian Region. He has received many awards for Green Construction implementation both in Indonesia and South East Asia competitions.

He is also well known as a National Motivator for various audiences in Indonesia, including the Indonesian Army as Hadjar prepares them to face special heavy duties.

He is a consistent middle handicap Golf Player who enjoys both the physical and mental challenges of the game.

Alexander Valentino
Alexander Valentino

Colantotte keep my energy and focus in all my activities.

Alexander Valentino is my name and I was 14 years old, I’m still in junior high school.

My USGA handicap now is 1,4. Last year I win Best Gross Overall at Pondok Indah International Tournament.

I started to learning play golf since 2,5 years old, my first tournament when I was 7 years old.

First win the junior golf tournament at Pondok Cabe and at 8 years old I already got my first title as Champion Indonesia Junior Master 2008 and also got Blue Jacket as symbol like Tiger Wood have green jacket.

Until now I already got around 60 podium and a lot of trophy from approx 90 round of golf tournament, beside golf I’m also good in my school and still top 5 in a rank.

Alexander Valentino

Alexander Valentino Alexander Valentino Alexander Valentino


Zumba dan Kukuwa Pioneer Indonesia


The 1st Male Zumba Instructor In Indonesia and 1st Pole Athelete Indonesia. As a professional performer, dancer and choreographer he've been teaching and traveling all over the globe for dancing as well as giving dance workshop accross Indonesia for over ten years. He loves theater dance Jazz, lyrical, Contemporer, hip hop basicly all type of dance specially latin. He dances for love and express his self with passion, happiness and sadness through dance. Stage is his life and through dance he can make people smile and forget all their stress, he make their life become more meaningful.

Junko Junko


  • 1st ACE (American Council of Exercise) Certified Group Exercise Leader in Indonesia
  • 1st Training with Tanya Bearsdley September 2009, Asia Fitness Convention 2009
  • 1st Male Instructor Zumba Instructor 2009 in Indonesia
  • 1st Launched Zumba Fitness in Jakarta, January 2010 at Golds Gym Indonesia
  • 1st Indonesia Instructor Attended Zumba Fitness Convention in Orlando 2011
  • 1st Marketing Agent and hosting instructor training for Zumba Fitness in Indonesia
  • 1st Hosted Zumba B1 Instructor Training & Master Class in Jakarta, Indonesia with MARIA TERESA STONE (ZES)
  • 1st Hosted Zumba Jammer for Master Class with AILEE SYARIEF (ZJ)
  • 1st Hosted Zumba Master class with MICHAEL THOMAS (ZES)
  • 1st Hosted Zumbatomic Training in Asia with MARIA TERESA STONE (ZES)
  • 1st Hosted ZIN JAMM session in Indonesia with LISA MARIE (ZJ)
  • 1st Place solo HIP HOP competition Paris 2009
  • 1st Fitness Idol Asia at Asia Fitness Convention 2012
  • 2nd Hosted Zumba B1 Instructor Training & Master Class in Jakarta, Indonesia with MARIA TERESA STONE (ZES)
  • 2nd Hosted Zumba Jammer Master Classes with LISA MARIE (ZJ)
  • 3rd Hosted Zumba B1 and B2 training in Jakarta, Indonesia with DAVID VELEZ (ZES)
  • 4th Hosting Zumba B1 training & Master Class in Jakarta, Indonesia with CAROLINA ARIAS (ZES)


Colantotte™ Indonesia
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